About Amy

I’ve always enjoyed making a difference in others’ lives…and making the most out of mine.

As a kid, I chaired fundraisers, participated in church and community events, held leadership positions, and helped take care of business for friends and family in the south suburbs of Chicago.  A rigorous academic and extracurricular schedule kept me busy before the sun came up until well after it went down.  A liberal arts education from DePauw University was truly a fabulous fit for me as it only propelled my interest in a variety of issues.  While I stuck to my career path in broadcast journalism, I got my first tastes of retail management and event planning from traveling across the country selling memorabilia at Indy Car events across the country and hosting sorority soirees.

I was a local television producer in three markets before I decided to get out of the business due to my own conspiracy theories about the direction of mass media.  At the same time, I developed an interest and a wealth of experience in operations.  It was my job to make sure store renovations, holiday seasons, physical inventories, pilot programs, and new initiatives went smoothly at stores including Crate & Barrel/CB2, Papyrus, and Best Buy.

On the side, I assisted a handful of other retailers with special projects and took on requests asking for help in getting organized, a job done, or opinions on what to buy.  I’ve also experienced major life events simultaneously and am fortunate to have built quality relationships with people from all walks of life.

I’m proud to provide you with only the best processes in effective operations management and organizational efficiency.  I’ve followed retail, product, and design trends for more than 25 years, obtaining information through observation and experience, extensive research from trusted sources, and a real passion only for quality, simplicity, and functionality.

Thank you for allowing Magic Maker Solutions to be part of your personal and professional family…it is truly our absolute pleasure.

Wishing you all the best,

Amy M. O’Donnell
President/Owner, Magic Maker Solutions LLC