Moving Management

Relocating is historically an overwhelming, highly stressful time. We believe it doesn’t have to be—in fact, we think of it as the perfect opportunity for an Ultimate Fresh Start.

We can help you manage the details of a move from getting everything boxed up to put in its place. We’ve done the leg work researching local moving companies. We know where to go if you need to stash stuff temporarily.  We want you to feel at home in your new place on day one—that’s why we do what it takes to let you live your life once you walk in the door.

Pack & Purge is an all-in-one relocation solution that takes you from start to finish. We organize as we go—and boy, do we have boxing down to a science. Moving less means you save in labor and transportation costs. Best of all, it means unpacking takes days, not weeks. By the way, we help with that too.

And because you’re only bringing what you love and need, we help you get rid of what you don’t. We can coordinate distribution to disposal, recycling, or donation sites. We can also help you decide if items are worth selling and coordinate sales as needed.

Magic Maker Solutions also offers Pack & Purge services separately, a moving coordinator for your ‘big day’, and assistance with furniture placement and assembly.